A New Sucker

I really wanted to write a poem today.
But I really could not think of one, only one on insanity, which by the way would not have been about me.
That was a joke.
Sorry about my bland sense of humor.
Anyway since I cannot think of a poem,
Why not tell you about my day?
I woke up dazed.
After having a tommy ache the night before.
Remembering I was going to go to the beach.
I quickly dashed off into the bathroom to pee.
Ha, and change into my bathing suit.
I went to the beach with my 'rents, brother, cousin, and uncle.
Cousin, ey?
She is a new yorker.
In a "teasing" kind of way.
But hurtful.
She bit me.
But it really hurts.
I love her anyway.
No matter, what kind of butthead, she really is.
We made a hysterical video.
I videotaped.
And she was the star.
It was hilarious.
Wish I could show it to you guys but I cannot.
It was aboiut her hatred of green tea.
(She was joking.)
(She and I love green tea.)
( We're addicted.)
All of that good stuff.
Back to the beach.
It was quite intresting, actually.
She found six dollars!
In the ocean!
Are you cereal?
For real she did.
Then we went to Ihop.
Loved it!
I had chocalate chip pancakes.
Not really.
And they were horrible.
I usually " come hungry, leave happy."
But not today.
After that.
We set up my new Wii.
Did I tell you guys I got one of those?
For Christmas?
I love it!
Billy, was right.
It is the best.
Played Wii sports.
My favorite is boxing.
Man, did I open up a can of WHOOP-ASS.
Guess what we did afterwards?
Pool time.
No bikini's for me.
I look like a freakshow in one of those.
One piece.
Or a tankini.
Played Marco Polo.
I suck at it.
I am always the one saying Polo!
And getting caught.
Because I cannot stop laughing.
It was exhausting.
So tiring.
Sleppy head.
Took a shower.
Because my head smelled like chlorine.
I hate the smell.
But I am always, smelling like that.
Got ready for the new years eve "partyyy"!
And it was kind of boring.
My cousin fell asleep.
And almost everybody left.
Come home, kind of tired.
Daddy promised to wii box with me.
And it was a blast.
I swear.
He was the funnest and most hilarious person to bow with.
Back in the day thats what he used to do.
Now I am here communicating.
A very exciting day.
But sort of sad.
Because I am too tired too think of a poem.
Drifting off.
Bow tow row.
Job lob rob yob sob.
Leak Beak Sleak.
Tat Rat Snat.
Foohy Moohy Choohy.
Retard Fetard.
I am soo tired.
Check out "Human Sky" my last post.
And comment on that also.
I thought it was a good post.
At least, I thought so.
Is living life to the fullest.
Joke of the day;
Where did the one legged lady work?


Human Sky

As I looked out into the night sky.
It was amazing.
And I knew something...
It was so beautiful, but deadly.
It had the utterly most beautiful, breathtaking appearance about it.
Any yet at the same time, you knew it was filled with hatred.
This caught my attention.
Because it kind of reminded me of people.
How our appearance can acutally be rather stunning.
Meanwhile, we are the most vial creatures that ever walked this planet.
Are we the demons?
Do we make this Earth hell?
Are we all evil?
I wish someone could answer these questions.
But I have the feeling,
The answer is not that far away.
It's waiting for us.
To ask for it.
To reach for it.
And then, it will come.
Like a savior.
And then,
We will all go back,
To being pure And,
But until then,
How will you look at the night sky?
That we all thought we knew all too well.
But in fact;
We did not know at all.


Damn. Love Urself! Would Ya.

I fooled everyone.
Myself included.
Was more like it.
Why do I have to be like this?
I want to smile.
And be happy.
When I see people I love.
But I do that.
So what the hell's wrong?
I finally figured it out.
"How can you love someone else, but not youself."
How true that is.
Something I need to learn.
I really am stupid.
Damn, yes I am.
Of myself.


I am going to write one of my "poems", but first I want all of you people who read this blog to help me.
I need some writing ideas.
Get creative.
Whatever intrests you.
Just give me ideas!
I spent all night trying to think of some but none came to mind.
So honestly.
Please try to think of some.
I need that much from you guys.
Okay here's the poem.
Hope you enjoy it:
The damage was done.
And the situation was helpless.
Everyone was angry.
Including myself.
I could feel the anger.
I was more then angry, I was furious.
At the exact moment.
It came to me, a thought so inspicable, so cruel, I could not even fathom that I was thinking it.
I wanted to kill him.
But I knew I would not.
It made me see twisted.
I wanted to make him feel miserable, the way I did.
I wanted him to feel pain.
Thoughts raced through my head.
And faster.
By the minute.
I sat there, trembiling with fear, of myslef.
Wondering, why I had to be like this.
I wanted to shout.
In pain.
In sorrow.


Lordie, Help Me

Help me here Lord.
Because I am sorta confused about the whole "tagged" thing.
I checked out a blog.
To get some help.
And the person put random facts.
So I guess it is my duty to do what they did.
Follow in their footsteps.
Here it goes.
1. I am not a big fan of malls. Their prices are wayy too high and they always make me clastrophobic, even when there's not that many people around.
2. I really dislike when people refer to blondes as dumb. Its not that I am one. Because I'm not. Trust me.
3. I get good grades and all but sometimes I can be pretty dumb. For example I can't even get my sliding door to open. I always have to ask someone to open it for me.
4. Ever since I watched the movie "The Notebook" I always wondered if that kind of love is true.
5. I absoloutley love it when people smell nice.
6. Camels, Toucans, and Platapuses are my favorite animals.
7. My mom says I am not allowed to date until I am twenty one but my dad says sixteen. I'm gonna go with my dad. Although dating isn't something I am actually looking forward too.
8. I hate when "friends" all of a sudden turn on you. And stab you in the back. Leaving you wounded.
What a list!
Now I am done.
See you guys.
Don't give up on me.
You know who I am.

In Honor

You haven't suffered, yet.
You've been lucky.
Very lucky.
One day, you'll see things will go off, and then.....
I wanted to go to him.
To comfort him in every way possible.
But I knew I could not do it.
Because I did not know how.
He looked so sad.
No, thats not the word...
Worried is more like it.
He looked so worried.
She was sick.
He was worried because she was sick.
He loved her.
She was the love of his life.
And she was sick.
She was old now so he did not know what the consequences would be.
We all hoped not.
We never bragged not one bit.
Modest people we were.
And your grandmother...
Boy was she the heavens.
She was everything.
I love her.
Those were the words of "he."
This post is in thier honor.
They are not dead.
But they deserve it.
After everything.


Fluttery :0

Changed is a word very commonly used.
I use it quite frequently also.
Change has happened.
Leaving behind with it a pile of ash.
I should have seen it coming.
I am noticing it.
Kendall, a younger little boy is totally in love with me.
All of a sudden I had a fluttery sort of feeling.
One that was strange but thrilling at the same time.
This was the first I had ever really felt it.
And it was wonderful.
Now there is a reason to smile.
Things could not be more perfect.
I am glad.
I am studying.
Well a medium hard 'cause of I really was studying hard I would not be on my blog.
Things are a little hectic.
The play is tommorow.
Wish me good luck.
You effin know I will do well.
I am a little terrified but overjoyed at the same time.
Thank you for choosing to read this.
Hope you liked this post.


A Lesson Worth Learning

Just to let you know this happened a long time ago.
Okay here it goes.....
I had never seen him cry.
Seeing him like that scared me.
A lot.
I wanted it all to end.
Why was he crying?
I knew it would cross the line if I asked why...
So I just sat there looking at the windshiled like nothing was happening.
But something was happening.
Something big.
And I knew it.
Even if I did not know spefically what it was it was happening.
And it was time I get my head out of the clouds.
I was worried.
About myself.
About everybody.
But mostly about myself.
Like the selfish little girl I am.
He would stop eventually.
I knew it.
But why not stop and look at me?
Was this how I looked when I cried?
Was this the feeling that he felt when I cried?
What was happening?
All these questions were spinning around and around..
Rapidly and getting faster and faster.
He started telling me in between sobs...
And I understood.
Why he cried.
And I knew I would cry if it were me.
And then I felt worse.
And guilty.
I wanted to make him feel better.
Or at least just happier.
And the rest is blur.
But strangely I remember the night as if it were yesterday.
And I still get that feeling.
Cry all you want.
Things are not going to get any better.
And this little "poem" has taught me so.
Now it's time you learn it too.


Crappity Crap is Just A Flappin' Phrase! Grrr..

I had tried to block everything out of my mind.
I tried to turn the music all the way up.
Tried and tried...
But failed.
It all came up even worse.
Stacking up, one on top of another...
Fuzzier and more confusing than ever.
Frustration hit me, hard.
And I started cursing...bad.
I wanted to cry out of the total stress...
The overwhelment.
Everything just seemed soo..
Then I heard it...
The song that changed it all....
And I relaxed...
I honestly did not care...
And that scared me..
That I did not care about it.
So I worked twice as hard as I normally did.
And now its just me..
Here typing these funky-licious words, that probably don't make sense.
So here is the quote...
" Don't cry, laugh!"
~ Meli
Good bye.
Love you all.
This is a cheap post.
But I hope you like it...
A little at least.


Good Reads

Whenever I take a ride in the car, I usually don't say anything.
I like to open the window all the way down.
I love to feel the wind blow through my hair.
And I love turning the music all the way up, till it hurts my ears.
Everything seems perfect in the car.
There nothing can bother me..
Not even the tiniest hint of a conversation starter.
Thats how I like it.
But then I start to feel a little guilty because my 'rents are there and all that.
And I hate when there's that awkward silence.
It scares me.
It's like that everyday...
But what about rain?
I love rain.
It makes me feel wonderful.
I mean a lot of people try to not get wet.
I do that, not willingly though.
I usually feel like running out and skipping and all that.
But nope...
Everyone else thinks that they are little grains of sugar...
Waiting to be dissolved from the rain water.
Okay today I gave you guys two "poems".
Hope you like them.
Comment on them seriously.
In a little while I will go to Angeli's house for a study date.
I cannot wait.
I mean we will study..
I won't be like a hobo or something.
Wait what?
Okay never mind.
I had bannana chocalte chip pancakes which are absouloutley fantabioulous!
Hope you classify this blog as "good reads".
See ya!
~ Me
" What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger. "



This is for James.
I hope this makes you happy.
'Cause it sure does for me.
Well enjoy.
Oh and by the way I am watching "Narnia"...
Or something like that.
Watching them leave was rather heartbraking.
It left you with that big lump, where you so much feel like crying but you simply cannot.
I tried to look away but I knew how guilty I would feel if I did.
Times were getting difficult.
I could not complain.
Or act like a bitchy teenager.
I had to be the perfect little angel I always am.
He held me tight.
Wondering if he was thinking what I was I held on even tighter.
They were way out of eye distance...
And I already missed them.
I wished both of them would turn around and realize how I felt.
I hoped that he would stop crying and and look at my face, which by the way was now tear stained.
But they just went on doing their daily routine.
And I the same.
All I ever wondered is if things would ever change.
The heartbreak.
The missing.
Even before I had met him, I wondered.
Now I felt alone.
The wind blew.
It was chilly, and it gave me goose bumps.
I went inside...
Sad for a moment.
And then relaxed.
Forgeting everything.
That was good.
I hope you guys have an awesome Chirstmas.
I am not sure I will.
Hope so.
But for right now..
Good bye.
And I will study.
I promise.
You too, cousin.
Do well.
See yah!
I hope you have figured out who I am.


So I have changed completely in my attitude.
I am no longer depressed.
Did everyone hear that?
I am going to post some things to my lovely audience.
I was just wondering two things.....
First, is this expression a good thing.
That sucks major ass.
I heard someone say that.
And I was like is that suppsed to be sexual?
I did not know what to think.
So I was wondering if you people knew.
And another thing...
Thats a good thing right?
I suppose so.
Some people may hate me for this.
In fact I sort of hate myself for doing this but..
I am reading New Moon.
The sequel to Twilight.
After pracitcally everyone being obssesed I took a shot at it.
And here I am reading it.
I am only on page twenty-seven.
Not that bad...
My cousin said she thought New Moon was a little boring.
Who knows???
I was thinking of writing a book.
Yes it seems sort of childish...
But here tell me if you like this;
It scared me how intensly he looked at me, with those masculine big brown eyes.
They were practically burning into my skin.
I could not belive he was mine, all mine.
Why did he look at me that way?
It was the sort of way a hawk looks at a poor innocent bunny.
Being with him was like flying.
You felt wonderful and free, and you could do anything you pleased.
That was a little uhh!
But I don't think I will write love stories.
Probably poems.....
Or something.
I am hungry and its only eight thirty-three.
God bless you all.
Is that appropriate to say?
What I meant was be safe.
Ohh and I finally figured out what this means;
It means by the way!
I did it



You guys are either too busy too comment or too lazy too comment.
I have nothing against either.
The play rehearsal is tommorow.
Its turning out really well.
My shortness has led to the fact that I have to be in front.
Hoo rah.
I am sorry..
That is totally Darling's thing.
Sorry Darling.
Is there anything 'happenin'?
Well i'm being widely known for my laugh.
At least in school.
Is coming soon.
Lyd was crying because she did not get any awards for science fair.
I have two words.
Bull and shit.
Because for her to be crying is wrong.
She thinks that she worked harded than everybody else.
And that she deserves to get something.
What the hell?
Everyone worked hard at science fair!
Even Anton.
Ha ha.
Well...that can be discussed.
I just thought that was totally boogus of her.
Boogus is bad right?
I'm pretty sure.
I love you all.
My Mom's coming soon.
Good night.
Everything is going well.
And I'm jolly.
See you.
Does anyone even like that name?
I wonder.



Conditioned for softball.
I'm doing pretty good.
I'm going out for dinner.
With my brother and father.
Maybe Applebee's....or something.
Who knows.
I don't know.
I'm so bored.
Well got to go.
All day today..
people asked me to laugh for them.
I tried.
But anyway.
You know who I am!



Today I realized a couple of things.
First, I am a vampire.
Not literally and intentionally.
Okay so here's what happened.
We were playing basket ball.
I get agressive by the way...
Thats what basket ball is all about.
When my friend tried to get the ball from me.
It all happened so fast.
My mouth opened and closed, rather quickly actually.
There are still bit marks on her and myself.
Her bites are one her middle finger.
And mine on the bottom side of my wrist.
This is very strange.
And very real.
Only this could happen to me.
Second, Softball is coming soon.
Thats not worth talking about.
But I just wanted to tell you guys.
Third, midterms are next week.
They came by so quickly.
Everything is coming on so heavily.
I feel like a walnut.
And I have to study and like.
Its so annoying.
Fourth, the play is also next week.
I hate that.
I mean I will have fun.
I promise.
Its just that everythin is a blur.
Fifth, is relationships.
Boys and girls.
Birds and the Bees.
All that.
Its sorta grossing me out.
I need to phrase it better.
What I mean to say is that.
Everywhere I turn I see people are "together."
It just makes me feel awkward.
Who knows?
Maybe i'm just secretly jealous.
But I don't know.
Fifth, I have a doll who is now going with me everywhere.
You should know one thing.
This doll is not just any doll.
It's special.
It made me meet people.
People who I love.
The doll is in a male form.
I named it Billy.
After my Daddykinz.
I have had this doll for quite some time.
It's one of those special ones that you may never out grow.
Sixth, I should be happy.
I mean seriously.
I love to laugh.
All the time.
It makes me feel good.
I'm surronded by people who love me.
And if they don't who gives a damn.
Thats my motto.
"Who gives a damn."
Just kidding.
I have told you many things.
About my day.
Over all it was a very good day.
:) That was a smiley face.
I am happy.
I would like to thank;
my friends
my parents
and possibly Jeffery A. who showed me that "enemies" aren't really enemies.
Wink wink.
Good night.
Sleep tight.
And study.



I did not post in like maybe one day.
But anyway.
Harry Potter Weekend.
Thats what I'm watching.
And I'm working on science fair.
Was fun I guess.
I almost stepped in horse poop.
It smelled reallt bad.
But they had bags under their rear ends so that it did not go on the street.
Okay, talking about horse poop is making me quesy.
So I'll stop.
In the middle of walking for what seemed like forever...
I felt like I was dreaming.
Maybe drunk.
It was horrible.
There was a lot of people.
We waved.
We laughed.
All that.
Good stuff.
Christmas is coming soon.
I'm so going to see the new Harry Potter movie.
I cannot wait.
I even saw "the exclusive sneak peak".
What's new in my life?
Let me think.
I forgot my uniform in school.
I'll probably have to get a uniform infraction.
Oh my lordie.
I was worried.
And then I felt wimsicale.
I love that word.
It means something like care free.
I don't know.
My step brother's here.
The "hot" one as one of my buds puts it.
He's funnny.
But I felt like such a loser.
Because I was so quiet.
And trust me I would have talked its just that...
I did not know what to say.
So I went to bed upset.
And cried myself to sleep.
Slid a note under my pop's bed.
Saying how I'm growing up.
At the same time.
I guess you can say.
I'm tired of being sad.
Its so freaking annoying.
Wait is it freaking.
Ot freakin'?
Who knows?
Is cool.
Where have youuu been!?
They were starving him! Mom please.
I'm so bored.
Gonna try to decorate my project.
Lost in my fantasies.
Had pancakes and bacon.
At the new diner.
Sunset Diner.
Its new.
And we have never been there before.
But it was good.
Good eats.
It started raining gumballs.
I love that.
Good bye.
I feel like nerds.
You know the candy.
Little circles.
See yah.



Don't say that word out loud in front of my mother.
And put me in the same sentence.
She's very touchy in the subject.
She thinks they will distract me.
You'll get bad grades.
They'll make you do things.
Don't believe anything they say!
They only want one thing.
They say what all the doctors say...take your clothes off.
With her I am not allowed to date until I'm twenty one.
Of course my Daddy says sixteen.
So I'll go with the sixteen.
I get it boys can be pigs.
Maybe a lot.
But I don't think all.
You know all my concepts on love.
And all of that.
At least I think you do.
Today was a long day.
I danced a lot.
Now I'm gonna walk.
A lot.
My little brother is being so cute.
But annoying.
Thats him though.
Well bye.



What I dreamed about;

I was trapped.
In the worse place I could think of besides hell.
He was right there beside me.
Looking at me.
With the big dark brown intensive eyes.
That so much resembled mine.
I hoped he would not say the words that I dreaded.
And of course they were the first words out of his mouth.
I love you.
At that point something had snapped inside of me.
I sobbed, really really hard.
I was lying on the floor.
Practically twitching.
He came over and put his hairy arms around me.
I tried to pull them off.
But he was too strong.
He was not hurting me.
He was totally clueless.
Of the fact I hated him.
Because he had broken her heart.
I wanted to yell at him.
To make him feel miserable.
How was I supposed to love him?
They all said the same thing...
You should love him because he's your ------.
(That was not a curse word it was just a person involved in my life who I would not like to put).
I was still crying.
Really hard.
Through the sobs I yellled at him;
Why did you do it?
How could you?
While I was in her?
Thinking you were the best ------ ever.
But you weren't.
You betrayed her.
You betrayed us!
I will never forgive you for that!
And for that reason, you no longer are my ------.
He replied;
I'm sorry.
You're right.
If I was you I would not forgive myself either.
I'd hate me.
And I'm truelt sorry.
It was a big mistake that happened a long time ago.
(He looked down in shame)
(At this point his hands were not around me)
I could see tears in his face.
You know what I did?
What I never thought I would do..
I went over to him gave him a kiss.
And said "I forgive you."

Thats when I woke up.
All of that.

I don't know if it was a message from God or what?
But I think it meant something.
But who knows what.
I need advice.
Tell me what you think.

More like a nightmare.



Well well well.
Today I was in a good mood all the way through.
I almost fell asleep in church.
I had to keep rubbing my eyes in order to stay awake.
Made people laugh.
Which always makes me happy.
Today was all goood.
You know what I mean.
I got the dance moves good.
Did not fail.
I did pretty good.
I'm going to watch Criminal Minds.
I love that show.
But its on at nine.
And its only seven.
So bummer.
I am soo happy.
Confessed my sins today.
That felt good.
I did.
Lets talk about them.
They cannot have any family is what I'm told.
GOD is thier lover.
Personally, I think Roman Catholic is very confusing.
I mean really.
If God is all good and loving why does he put us through pain?
If he loves us then..why let us suffer?
Wouldn't you agree?
I mean honestly I do not comprehend it.
But I think priests should have families.
Tell me what you think.
That would be intresting.
Did our speil thingys.
Mine was okay except that I kind of sucked.
Does that make sense?
It does not even make sense to myself.
I am such a ninny.
What do you want for Christmas?
Hmmm... A random good book.
Uh okay. I'll make sure it's really long.
Okay, thanks.
That was my conversation with my sister.
I think she's my secret santa.
Why would she ask me otherwise?
Who knows.
I was listening to the radio.
Then something totally random came up.
It made me laugh.
So come on down and;
Rent a heffer!
And we all know what a heffer is.
A cow.
Don't refer to someone as a heffer.
That would be really mean.
In the sense that they are fat.
I'm watching the movie;
And I like it.
Its kind of kiddy-ish.
But what the hell?
Thats my motto.
What the hell?
Not really..
I don't belive in mottos.
Because every day your learning something new.
And you want that to be your motto.
So then you will have a motto for everyday.
Maybe I should have a motto.
If you guys have a motto.
Comment it.
I would like to know.
Today was a good day.
I love all you people.
Who comment.
And follow.
Thanks for being cool.
I love that word.
Its soo....cool.
See yah.
And have a good night.
And I have a test on Fri.
I will make sure to study.
So I can get a good grade.
Watched a commercial and here's the line;
Amy was even hotter than her sister!
Well yeah.
Good night.
Don't be in a bitchy mood.
Anyone <3


Go Away!

You better have come to this blog to read because today I am going to type a lot.
I think you should know that I am in a real bitchy mood.
And I mean really.
Today was not a good day.
One of those days where you cannot do anything right.
It started out alright.
Made some jokes and people laughed.
Even the "plastic" sitting next to me.
Which I hope you all know I am not very fond of.
Practiced lines for the service on Friday.
Picked up posters.
Although I kept dropping them.
Lets just say everything before lunch and during lunch was fine.
Then came computer.
I always strongly dislike computer.
Very strongly.
Then social studies...
I'll have you know it is my favorite subject.
And I totally failed the test.
And this time I am not using that sentence lightly.
What the....???
What next but journalism???
But I was wisped away by Patrick.
A super annoying kid...
Who makes you feel like stabbing your hand with a pencil.
I'm serious.
He is like uhhh!
Pulling your hair out "uhhhh!"
What I meant to get too was.
That I went to drama instead.
To rehearse for the play.
That I will be in.
Which I so don't want to be in.
I cannot memorize alll those dance moves in just three be'jeezin days.
Sigh {really loud}.
I cannot sing!
I cannot do anything.
When she said "Your not in the rythm."
I was about to cry.
Not because I'm some freak who has to be perfect.
But because of all the overwhelment.
I just want to break down and slap something.
Preferrably a person.
Anyone who lets me.
Extended day...
It used to be fun now its just a drag.
Then my Daddy came to pick me up.
Something was the matter with his foot.
Came home.
And the effin computer almost broke down.
I was like freaking out.
What the....?
I started crying.
I know,
But in this case I felt it was neccesary.
Because after feeling like turd for a day
you just have to let it out.
But I fixed it.
Thats why I'm posting.
Telling you about an extremly atrocious day.
Well lunch was fun at least.
Was with my pals.
Laughing my head off.
Like I always do.
Acting like a complete loser.
I will be better tommorow.
You want me better don't you?
Well you know what to do.
Comment me.
I was about to write call me.
When I realized.
I still feel like typing.
La la.
I am so uhhh!
Wait let me get this out.
Well I hope you guys had a good day.
Unlike me.
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I'm not swimming.
I just quit.
I am going back to school sports.
My pride and joy.
Not really.
But at least I get to see my friends.
Saw a batman shirt and I was going to get it.....
When I saw the price tag!
It was thirty bucks!
I almost had a fit in the store.
No shirt should be worth that much.
It was insane.
Today was a slam dunk show.
They were good.
Little kids hollored.
Riley { a pre-k'er that I love} was dancing.
She was so adorable.
Was a vip and it was so not worth it.
A few questions?
That was not good.
But I stand by what I said to my class mates.
It would have been more intresting if they took they're shirts off.
I mean it would have.
Thats not being a pervert.. is it??
At least I don't think sooo...
But if it is you tell me.
My favorite one was G.T.
He was 24 and had a tat.
Of a cross.
Stay holy man!
And he had a squeaky voice.
The cleaning lady is here.
No I am not rich.
No I do not have a butler.
I'm normal.
Or as normal, as I could be.
Social studies test tommorow.
And I think I might do bad.
Maybe I need to study harder.
Who knows.
No vocab plates.
Was just informed by one of my buds.
Christmas play.
I'm going to be in it.
Sounds great?
Its not.
Personally I did not want to be in it.
I just "had" too because I am in drama class.
Good thing I'm only an extra.
A rock n' roller.
Doesn't sound bad.
I still have th poodle skirt from two years ago.
I'm having a flashback.
Where are you Daddy?
I want some pizza.
Got the rumbles.
And I am hungry.
Oh yeah on the whole "play" thing.
We have like a two hour practice on Friday?
What the hell?
Friday is my day.
Not really.
I'm just really lazy and probably don't feel like dancing.
Or yelling.
Or anything.
Leave a comment.
M and M.
Not M n' M.
M and M.
The couple of the year.
The one that "love" each other.
The one that makes me barf.
They are together.
And like all over each other.
First they are making out.
What next??
Get a pole M.
And as for you M... well you little...
Not really M and M are real.
They are all over each other.
And they do make me barf.
But I don't think that M is a hoe.
And I don't think M is an S-O-B.
I'm being a child...
Get a room.
But hey I am a child.
And I'm loving it!
I'd rather hang with my friends.
Don't know any guys that are into me anywho.
But like I said don't care.
That face means it surprised.
It was nice blogging.