So I have changed completely in my attitude.
I am no longer depressed.
Did everyone hear that?
I am going to post some things to my lovely audience.
I was just wondering two things.....
First, is this expression a good thing.
That sucks major ass.
I heard someone say that.
And I was like is that suppsed to be sexual?
I did not know what to think.
So I was wondering if you people knew.
And another thing...
Thats a good thing right?
I suppose so.
Some people may hate me for this.
In fact I sort of hate myself for doing this but..
I am reading New Moon.
The sequel to Twilight.
After pracitcally everyone being obssesed I took a shot at it.
And here I am reading it.
I am only on page twenty-seven.
Not that bad...
My cousin said she thought New Moon was a little boring.
Who knows???
I was thinking of writing a book.
Yes it seems sort of childish...
But here tell me if you like this;
It scared me how intensly he looked at me, with those masculine big brown eyes.
They were practically burning into my skin.
I could not belive he was mine, all mine.
Why did he look at me that way?
It was the sort of way a hawk looks at a poor innocent bunny.
Being with him was like flying.
You felt wonderful and free, and you could do anything you pleased.
That was a little uhh!
But I don't think I will write love stories.
Probably poems.....
Or something.
I am hungry and its only eight thirty-three.
God bless you all.
Is that appropriate to say?
What I meant was be safe.
Ohh and I finally figured out what this means;
It means by the way!
I did it


Posh said...

Glad you are not depressed. Being depressed is not fun and change is good.


Darling Dears. said...

hahahaha you make me laugh :)
and you never seemed depressed. actually, the complete opposite of it. hahaha. and new moon does get boring, but it starts to on page..yea i'm not sure.

whatever. have fun.

James said...

Lol, just keep in mind by a person with depression, it will not be an overnight thing and you will struggle with it quite a bit. It is ok to say the god thing, unless someone is an atheist!!!!! DUN DUN DUN DUN!!!! New Moon was the worst out of all four books, fair warning. I think i like what you wrote more as a poem than a story. Just saying. And I like your blog and sorry I have not commented in like forever!

smorgan said...

What you wrote was good. A bit scary but good. I think it was meant to be like that...ok I'm flippin'...
Happy Happy Day!

Rafé said...

haha, are you joking around?
no, even though the origins are probably sexual, the phrase is...
and boogus is bad...you are joking around..or not?

yep, I've done that before...hated something at first then in the end liking it

His eyes were masculine?!?!
Did they have muscles on them or something?!?!?
haha, jk

you're childish if children write books...I don't think it's childish...