This is for James.
I hope this makes you happy.
'Cause it sure does for me.
Well enjoy.
Oh and by the way I am watching "Narnia"...
Or something like that.
Watching them leave was rather heartbraking.
It left you with that big lump, where you so much feel like crying but you simply cannot.
I tried to look away but I knew how guilty I would feel if I did.
Times were getting difficult.
I could not complain.
Or act like a bitchy teenager.
I had to be the perfect little angel I always am.
He held me tight.
Wondering if he was thinking what I was I held on even tighter.
They were way out of eye distance...
And I already missed them.
I wished both of them would turn around and realize how I felt.
I hoped that he would stop crying and and look at my face, which by the way was now tear stained.
But they just went on doing their daily routine.
And I the same.
All I ever wondered is if things would ever change.
The heartbreak.
The missing.
Even before I had met him, I wondered.
Now I felt alone.
The wind blew.
It was chilly, and it gave me goose bumps.
I went inside...
Sad for a moment.
And then relaxed.
Forgeting everything.
That was good.
I hope you guys have an awesome Chirstmas.
I am not sure I will.
Hope so.
But for right now..
Good bye.
And I will study.
I promise.
You too, cousin.
Do well.
See yah!
I hope you have figured out who I am.


someone said...


Hope you do well.
I'm sure you will.

Darling Dears. said...

hahaha narnia.
i remember the hot guy peter ;) hah.