Good Reads

Whenever I take a ride in the car, I usually don't say anything.
I like to open the window all the way down.
I love to feel the wind blow through my hair.
And I love turning the music all the way up, till it hurts my ears.
Everything seems perfect in the car.
There nothing can bother me..
Not even the tiniest hint of a conversation starter.
Thats how I like it.
But then I start to feel a little guilty because my 'rents are there and all that.
And I hate when there's that awkward silence.
It scares me.
It's like that everyday...
But what about rain?
I love rain.
It makes me feel wonderful.
I mean a lot of people try to not get wet.
I do that, not willingly though.
I usually feel like running out and skipping and all that.
But nope...
Everyone else thinks that they are little grains of sugar...
Waiting to be dissolved from the rain water.
Okay today I gave you guys two "poems".
Hope you like them.
Comment on them seriously.
In a little while I will go to Angeli's house for a study date.
I cannot wait.
I mean we will study..
I won't be like a hobo or something.
Wait what?
Okay never mind.
I had bannana chocalte chip pancakes which are absouloutley fantabioulous!
Hope you classify this blog as "good reads".
See ya!
~ Me
" What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger. "


Rafé said...

oh...haha. two poems.

you were talking about your parents,
and then you were talking about rain

it's too bad though that people are more like bread...they get soggy

Darling Dears. said...

hope you had fun!

smorgan said...

I love the rain.