Sorry Story

You told those stories,
So well,
They made tears well up in my eyes.
I was so jealous,
Because I wanted to be part,
Of those stories;
I wanted to be,
Part of them,
So badly.


It was more than enough

It had never happened before.
I felt a little frightened.
My naturally sweaty hands were a little sweatier.
I could hear them yelling,
To one another.
Every word made it worse.
My brother and I looked at each other.
He was to young to understand.
I wished I did not understand.
The words got worse,
The yelling got a little louder,
And we both got a little more;
I held him tight,
Hoping he would be with me,
Till the day I was dead.
One of them,
Stormed out of the room,
Shutting the door with intensity.
I'm going out!
There we were,
Hand in hand,
And confused.
For a second,
I feared the worst;
Had he left us?
The man who turned,
Everything around for me..
Was he gone?
Tears started coming.
I was very scared.
If he did not come back,
All I would have would be,
My brother,
And then I realized;
That would be enough.


uncomplete sentences

looking around my bedroom


watching a stupid reality show

looking at my dry erase board

i feel like painting something

that dude's hair is ridiculous

feeling bad for tommy who got disqualified

i think the other guy should have gotten disqualified

i want some candy

now tommy's girlfriend left him

watching another commercial now another dude went crazy

the parent's are funny

okay, so it probably feels like i am writing nothing
but i really did not want to write in complete
sentences. so sorry if it does not make sense. if
you guys want to comment, feel free to. :)


So what shall I write about?
Today I woke up around ten twenty something.
I was so glad.
:) Yesterday, I woke up around seven forty four.
But tomorrow I have school.
Nothing special.
I get to see my buds.
I get to do math.


Bobby and I Have So Much In Common

Like Bobby and his loved one I am here watching Spongebob.
Everyone thinks Spongebob is really retarded.
But I agree with Bobby and his loved one,
Spongebob really makes me laugh.
Their antics just make me smile.
Well, anyway I bet none of you guys knew,
How much I loved Spongebob and his best chum Patrick.
:) That's okay.
I hear a dog barking in the distance.
I hear it all the time.
I really should be taking a shower,
Or else I am going to get smelly.
Everyone knows it is not sanitary to be smelly.
It is ten o' eight.
I have to be at softball at two thirty.
It ends at five o' clock.
Oh wait, now Squidward is super handsome.
He looks really hilarious.
Sorry about that.
Practice ends at five o' clock.
Hopefully Darling will be there.
I hope so :) .
Uhh, well you guys if I get to write something more exciting,
I will post.
But for right now,
Nothing special is happening.


A Headache Costs A Lot

Yesterday I had a really bad headache.
It was really unbearable.
Every sound hurt.
So I put the TV on mute.
I would have turned it off.
But it was right in the middle of a movie.
A Walk To Remember.
It was about these two teenagers.
They fell in love.
One was a bad-ass boy.
Who almost killed another dude on a dare.
And the girl was the Reverend's daughter.
She was a pretty.
Real pretty.
But she dressed like a granny.
It was really sad, though.
Eventually, the boy wasn't such a bad-ass.
They were crazy about each other.
Later, the girl told the boy..
She had leukemia.
He was really heart broken.
And she was dying.
The two got married.
And about three years later.
She died.
And that is when I stopped watching.
Because the headache was unbearable.
But I really wanted to keep watching.
I wondered what happened??
If anyone has seen the movie..
A Walk To Remember.
With Mandy Moore and Shane West.
Will you let me know?
Right now I am watching the Addams Family.
Nothing special.
I like Cousin It.
I remember when I used to watch Disney Channel.
Now it just drives me nuts.
Finn driving Darling a little nutty.
And me.
Single and free.
Ha ha sucker!
Just kidding, I love Darling.
:0 Well, I have to go.
Dear Bobby,
Just an idea of mine.
It is a little strange.
Anyway.. you might want to check it out.
See you later my buddies!!!


Scraped and Stinged

I was in a bit of a slump.
Where you have to climb
Up and up
But every time it feels
Like you have reached sucess
You go and fall back down.
I tumbled and fell.
I scraped and stinged.
I held tight and yelped.
I shut my eyes
Hoping it would soon be over.
I finally
Climbed over.
All bruised
Yet merrier than ever.
Tears weld up.
I tried to blink them away.
Tears of joy.
And overwhelement.
But I keep saying
It's finally over
But is it?
This was dedicated to a very special friend of mine, who helped me climb that slump. All I ask of her is not to give up on me. And I promise I won't give up on her. I love you.



I thought it,
Over in my head,
A lot,
I finally,
When you fell,
And scraped,
Your knee,
There was a,
Stinging pain,
In my knee.
When you jabbed,
A toothbrush,
On the top of your mouth,
The roof of my mouth,
Was aching.
What is it?
Then I finally got it;


Hear Me Out

Those words,
Are still ringing,
In my head,
Playing over,
And over again.
If I could,
Hear them,
One more time,
I would drown,
Myself in them.
We always,
Have a choice,
But where is mine?
I am sorry,
I have failed,
I apologize,
If I am not,
Who they want,
Me to be.
Do I do,
Anything right?
I will pray,
For those,
Unlike me.


It has,
Come over me.
Drowning me,
In itself.
I ever have,
The courage,
To free myself?
I ever have the,
It's one of those things,
The world,
Will never,