It was more than enough

It had never happened before.
I felt a little frightened.
My naturally sweaty hands were a little sweatier.
I could hear them yelling,
To one another.
Every word made it worse.
My brother and I looked at each other.
He was to young to understand.
I wished I did not understand.
The words got worse,
The yelling got a little louder,
And we both got a little more;
I held him tight,
Hoping he would be with me,
Till the day I was dead.
One of them,
Stormed out of the room,
Shutting the door with intensity.
I'm going out!
There we were,
Hand in hand,
And confused.
For a second,
I feared the worst;
Had he left us?
The man who turned,
Everything around for me..
Was he gone?
Tears started coming.
I was very scared.
If he did not come back,
All I would have would be,
My brother,
And then I realized;
That would be enough.


stephanie said...


What about me(:

It's not true right?
Please say it's not true.

Ivyoaks said...

cool. I really liked the "tighter" stuff..so real.

childhood said...

gee wiz, that was good :)

deko and posh said...

Wow, very moving. We hope that is not anything you are going through personally!