uncomplete sentences

looking around my bedroom


watching a stupid reality show

looking at my dry erase board

i feel like painting something

that dude's hair is ridiculous

feeling bad for tommy who got disqualified

i think the other guy should have gotten disqualified

i want some candy

now tommy's girlfriend left him

watching another commercial now another dude went crazy

the parent's are funny

okay, so it probably feels like i am writing nothing
but i really did not want to write in complete
sentences. so sorry if it does not make sense. if
you guys want to comment, feel free to. :)


Neon Duck said...

Thank you kind stranger, I'm happy I'm happy too. SO you write about nothing as well? Some of the best things out there start with the nothing hum drum pattern of one's life.

James said...

interesting. I prefer to keep my opinions to myself. But interesting.