I'm so sorry.....

I saw you in the store.

You were clutching on to a shopping cart.

Why did you look so pale?

And then I started to stare.

I kept wondering the same question.

Why did you look so pale?

Did you have some sort of disease?

I was simply wondering.


But then I found my answer.

And I wished I had never laid eyes on you.


I felt like dinosaurs today and a bit of the book.

*Isn't it true children love dinosaurs?
I like them.
Why, you've never seen them?
I don't know, something tells me they were cool.
That's stupid.
Your face is stupid. *

And here is where the real post begins. I love the back ground, it makes me smile. Most children like dinosaurs or was it Jurassic Park that killed that theory? Just like Jaws. My dad says no one went into the water after that. No one.
We dissected owl barf [I don't know if that is something we can dissect but lets say we poked through it and found a few objects]. If you are thinking owl barf is like ours, quickly get that image out of your mind. Unless your barf is black and hair-ballish than, your barf is nothing like theirs. I found a skeleton of a little mouse, I thought it was really cool. However, some people were totally grossed out by it. Tomorrow we get to dissect squid, I can't wait.
* We should keep the squid brains and stuff them in our pockets, and then throw them at random people.
My dad had a great day, which is a little rare. But he's always happy [at least with me and when he's not it's only because I'm being a butt head or just being really slow]. I made a joke, I thought it was funny. Sponge Bob helped me out. :0
* Hey daddy, what do you call old men on motorcycles?
The mild ones!*
Hah, I still cannot get over that. Ice cream also helped that process.
I also think my computer teacher hates me because I'm a slow typer. Everyone's finished and I'm only one lesson eight or nine. I think there's like twelve.
I also got student of the month. I hate that. You have to go up there and smile while they take a picture. The vice principle will shake hands with you [mine will be naturally sweaty]. Yakety yak.
One final statement:
*Horse poop is extremely large. *


Small Prey

Read a little.
Enjoy life.
Get off the internet, haven't you heard of sex predators? They roam the internet looking for little children, like us.
But we don't like to be called little children, now do we now?
I finished my homework and now I'm watching a movie. I'm going to go to sleep soon.
Good night.
Sleep tight, and seriously get off the computer shut your eyes, turn off the lights and go to sleep.