Come fly with me

I feel like were drifting.
Floating away from each other.
She says it is normal.
That it happens to everyone.
But, I don't want to leave them.
Not right now...
Sometimes, I get jealous.
I want to be more like them.
Then it stops.
And sometimes, it happens again.
But, while we are all still close.
I would just like to say to them:
I love you all.
Don't leave me now, even though I can be difficult.
Please, don't leave me now.
Who else is going to laugh at my stupid yo' mama jokes?!

Like the new back ground?!

If you decide to roam around and look at previos posts.
Take a look.
Sorry if you guys missed me.
I had some growing up to do.
All problems resolved.
And I am back.
All is good.



Good night everyone. I think I might delete this blog of mine. It is starting to bug me. And one of my beloved bloggers is not here anymore. I will bid you farewell.


In the dark you will find

In the dark,
I'll sit alone,
And cry myself;
To sleep.
No one near,
To comfort me,
Or wipe away;
My tears.
I don't know why,
I weep like this,
What can it be?
Do I miss them so?
Am I lonesome?
What is it?
Come to me,
And you will see,
The one who cries,
In the dark.
Only to find,
A weeping girl,
Who misses you so DEARLY.