A Headache Costs A Lot

Yesterday I had a really bad headache.
It was really unbearable.
Every sound hurt.
So I put the TV on mute.
I would have turned it off.
But it was right in the middle of a movie.
A Walk To Remember.
It was about these two teenagers.
They fell in love.
One was a bad-ass boy.
Who almost killed another dude on a dare.
And the girl was the Reverend's daughter.
She was a pretty.
Real pretty.
But she dressed like a granny.
It was really sad, though.
Eventually, the boy wasn't such a bad-ass.
They were crazy about each other.
Later, the girl told the boy..
She had leukemia.
He was really heart broken.
And she was dying.
The two got married.
And about three years later.
She died.
And that is when I stopped watching.
Because the headache was unbearable.
But I really wanted to keep watching.
I wondered what happened??
If anyone has seen the movie..
A Walk To Remember.
With Mandy Moore and Shane West.
Will you let me know?
Right now I am watching the Addams Family.
Nothing special.
I like Cousin It.
I remember when I used to watch Disney Channel.
Now it just drives me nuts.
Finn driving Darling a little nutty.
And me.
Single and free.
Ha ha sucker!
Just kidding, I love Darling.
:0 Well, I have to go.
Dear Bobby,
Just an idea of mine.
It is a little strange.
Anyway.. you might want to check it out.
See you later my buddies!!!


James said...

U are able to write so well. I love it.

someone said...

Aw, (whatever your name is now) it makes me feel so great to know we were watching the movie at the same time.

But you got it wrong though.
She didn't die three years later.
She died that summer after getting married and he said that they had so much love than many people will have in a lifetime.

I was crying and laughing at myself at the same time. I'm so hormonal these days. It is very unlike me.

So anyway you pretty much saw the whole movie. Because after that four years later after the girl had died Landon gave the book Jamie had given to him in the hospital, remember Jamie's mothers book with quotes and stuff, back to the father.


it ended.


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