Bobby and I Have So Much In Common

Like Bobby and his loved one I am here watching Spongebob.
Everyone thinks Spongebob is really retarded.
But I agree with Bobby and his loved one,
Spongebob really makes me laugh.
Their antics just make me smile.
Well, anyway I bet none of you guys knew,
How much I loved Spongebob and his best chum Patrick.
:) That's okay.
I hear a dog barking in the distance.
I hear it all the time.
I really should be taking a shower,
Or else I am going to get smelly.
Everyone knows it is not sanitary to be smelly.
It is ten o' eight.
I have to be at softball at two thirty.
It ends at five o' clock.
Oh wait, now Squidward is super handsome.
He looks really hilarious.
Sorry about that.
Practice ends at five o' clock.
Hopefully Darling will be there.
I hope so :) .
Uhh, well you guys if I get to write something more exciting,
I will post.
But for right now,
Nothing special is happening.


ChipotleChick said...

I love Spongebob. His laugh makes me laugh. hehe. chortle.

And Plankton is one super sack of Sexy! Woo!

Have fun at practice love!

Allison said...

I love sponge bob! I watch it everyday and then my mom goes "how old are you again?" i just stick my tongue at her. I like Patrick too hes amazing! So you know darling thats cool. Yes do have fun at practice. And yes showers make the world a better place ;)

Darling Dears. said...

love spongebob :)
cant forget SQUIDWARD! hahaha.
^^he's bringing sexy back :)