Hear Me Out

Those words,
Are still ringing,
In my head,
Playing over,
And over again.
If I could,
Hear them,
One more time,
I would drown,
Myself in them.
We always,
Have a choice,
But where is mine?
I am sorry,
I have failed,
I apologize,
If I am not,
Who they want,
Me to be.
Do I do,
Anything right?
I will pray,
For those,
Unlike me.


someone said...


James said...

I really like it. A lot.

Rafé said...

you have some interesting writing...it sounds kinda dry, but when I'm done reading it I know there's enough juicy in it for it to be pleasing. haha

anyways, that's too bad you didn't have a Valentine, but I didn't either so were in the same boat