Crappity Crap is Just A Flappin' Phrase! Grrr..

I had tried to block everything out of my mind.
I tried to turn the music all the way up.
Tried and tried...
But failed.
It all came up even worse.
Stacking up, one on top of another...
Fuzzier and more confusing than ever.
Frustration hit me, hard.
And I started cursing...bad.
I wanted to cry out of the total stress...
The overwhelment.
Everything just seemed soo..
Then I heard it...
The song that changed it all....
And I relaxed...
I honestly did not care...
And that scared me..
That I did not care about it.
So I worked twice as hard as I normally did.
And now its just me..
Here typing these funky-licious words, that probably don't make sense.
So here is the quote...
" Don't cry, laugh!"
~ Meli
Good bye.
Love you all.
This is a cheap post.
But I hope you like it...
A little at least.


Rafé said...

it wasn't that hard to understand..

smorgan said...


deko and posh said...

We have all been in that state of mind, you expressed it so well.