A Lesson Worth Learning

Just to let you know this happened a long time ago.
Okay here it goes.....
I had never seen him cry.
Seeing him like that scared me.
A lot.
I wanted it all to end.
Why was he crying?
I knew it would cross the line if I asked why...
So I just sat there looking at the windshiled like nothing was happening.
But something was happening.
Something big.
And I knew it.
Even if I did not know spefically what it was it was happening.
And it was time I get my head out of the clouds.
I was worried.
About myself.
About everybody.
But mostly about myself.
Like the selfish little girl I am.
He would stop eventually.
I knew it.
But why not stop and look at me?
Was this how I looked when I cried?
Was this the feeling that he felt when I cried?
What was happening?
All these questions were spinning around and around..
Rapidly and getting faster and faster.
He started telling me in between sobs...
And I understood.
Why he cried.
And I knew I would cry if it were me.
And then I felt worse.
And guilty.
I wanted to make him feel better.
Or at least just happier.
And the rest is blur.
But strangely I remember the night as if it were yesterday.
And I still get that feeling.
Cry all you want.
Things are not going to get any better.
And this little "poem" has taught me so.
Now it's time you learn it too.


Rafé said...

To have troubles in life is to live...

someone said...

Wow. Very Optimistic.