Fluttery :0

Changed is a word very commonly used.
I use it quite frequently also.
Change has happened.
Leaving behind with it a pile of ash.
I should have seen it coming.
I am noticing it.
Kendall, a younger little boy is totally in love with me.
All of a sudden I had a fluttery sort of feeling.
One that was strange but thrilling at the same time.
This was the first I had ever really felt it.
And it was wonderful.
Now there is a reason to smile.
Things could not be more perfect.
I am glad.
I am studying.
Well a medium hard 'cause of I really was studying hard I would not be on my blog.
Things are a little hectic.
The play is tommorow.
Wish me good luck.
You effin know I will do well.
I am a little terrified but overjoyed at the same time.
Thank you for choosing to read this.
Hope you liked this post.


someone said...

OMG! I know you did great.

Rafé said...

I've only ever been in love with older girls.
I wonder if they ever felt like you have, and if so, how long and to what intensity...

haha, the word verification is asesses

James said...

U are going to do amazing or already have done amazing! And I am glad that life is working out for you!

smorgan said...

Being loved by a younger boy.
One word: CUTE.

Stella said...

I tagged you!
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