In Honor

You haven't suffered, yet.
You've been lucky.
Very lucky.
One day, you'll see things will go off, and then.....
I wanted to go to him.
To comfort him in every way possible.
But I knew I could not do it.
Because I did not know how.
He looked so sad.
No, thats not the word...
Worried is more like it.
He looked so worried.
She was sick.
He was worried because she was sick.
He loved her.
She was the love of his life.
And she was sick.
She was old now so he did not know what the consequences would be.
We all hoped not.
We never bragged not one bit.
Modest people we were.
And your grandmother...
Boy was she the heavens.
She was everything.
I love her.
Those were the words of "he."
This post is in thier honor.
They are not dead.
But they deserve it.
After everything.