Lordie, Help Me

Help me here Lord.
Because I am sorta confused about the whole "tagged" thing.
I checked out a blog.
To get some help.
And the person put random facts.
So I guess it is my duty to do what they did.
Follow in their footsteps.
Here it goes.
1. I am not a big fan of malls. Their prices are wayy too high and they always make me clastrophobic, even when there's not that many people around.
2. I really dislike when people refer to blondes as dumb. Its not that I am one. Because I'm not. Trust me.
3. I get good grades and all but sometimes I can be pretty dumb. For example I can't even get my sliding door to open. I always have to ask someone to open it for me.
4. Ever since I watched the movie "The Notebook" I always wondered if that kind of love is true.
5. I absoloutley love it when people smell nice.
6. Camels, Toucans, and Platapuses are my favorite animals.
7. My mom says I am not allowed to date until I am twenty one but my dad says sixteen. I'm gonna go with my dad. Although dating isn't something I am actually looking forward too.
8. I hate when "friends" all of a sudden turn on you. And stab you in the back. Leaving you wounded.
What a list!
Now I am done.
See you guys.
Don't give up on me.
You know who I am.


Allison said...

lol i love it when people smell nice too! you just wanna grab and shove your nose into them but then they would think your crazy. I never can sliding doors open either i don't know why. I think doors shouldn't open side ways anyways. I once was at my friends house and she has sliding doors within her house like to get to the kitchen to the living room so i was going in there so see her mom and WAM i ran right into the door and her mom came over and started laughing so hard at me. I was so embarrassed! but you know why make a clear door? how are you supposed to see it! ugh! anyways thanks for the comment i'll read your blog too from now on.

Rafé said...

You say you're not blond like being blond is a bad thing, hahaha

smorgan said...

I love when people smell good...
Especially the smell of perfume worn by women in their office garment and heels. They smell very professional....haha