I am going to write one of my "poems", but first I want all of you people who read this blog to help me.
I need some writing ideas.
Get creative.
Whatever intrests you.
Just give me ideas!
I spent all night trying to think of some but none came to mind.
So honestly.
Please try to think of some.
I need that much from you guys.
Okay here's the poem.
Hope you enjoy it:
The damage was done.
And the situation was helpless.
Everyone was angry.
Including myself.
I could feel the anger.
I was more then angry, I was furious.
At the exact moment.
It came to me, a thought so inspicable, so cruel, I could not even fathom that I was thinking it.
I wanted to kill him.
But I knew I would not.
It made me see twisted.
I wanted to make him feel miserable, the way I did.
I wanted him to feel pain.
Thoughts raced through my head.
And faster.
By the minute.
I sat there, trembiling with fear, of myslef.
Wondering, why I had to be like this.
I wanted to shout.
In pain.
In sorrow.