You guys are either too busy too comment or too lazy too comment.
I have nothing against either.
The play rehearsal is tommorow.
Its turning out really well.
My shortness has led to the fact that I have to be in front.
Hoo rah.
I am sorry..
That is totally Darling's thing.
Sorry Darling.
Is there anything 'happenin'?
Well i'm being widely known for my laugh.
At least in school.
Is coming soon.
Lyd was crying because she did not get any awards for science fair.
I have two words.
Bull and shit.
Because for her to be crying is wrong.
She thinks that she worked harded than everybody else.
And that she deserves to get something.
What the hell?
Everyone worked hard at science fair!
Even Anton.
Ha ha.
Well...that can be discussed.
I just thought that was totally boogus of her.
Boogus is bad right?
I'm pretty sure.
I love you all.
My Mom's coming soon.
Good night.
Everything is going well.
And I'm jolly.
See you.
Does anyone even like that name?
I wonder.


Darling Dears. said...

random. hahaha :)
shorties rock man! :)))

smorgan said...

Not busy...
Just have no idea what to comment on...
I do read your posts really...
I tell you what, everytime i read you post, and I have nothing to comment, i'll just put a smiley in the comment box.
so, here's a smiley for you:

deko and posh said...

Good luck with rehearsal. The front is the best.

someone said...

I try to read your posts daily. I try, but a I'm to lazy to write your URL so I can start following your blog. Saggitarians are known for being lazy, btw. Anyways, could you please add the followers gadget? Please I'm begging.