A New Sucker

I really wanted to write a poem today.
But I really could not think of one, only one on insanity, which by the way would not have been about me.
That was a joke.
Sorry about my bland sense of humor.
Anyway since I cannot think of a poem,
Why not tell you about my day?
I woke up dazed.
After having a tommy ache the night before.
Remembering I was going to go to the beach.
I quickly dashed off into the bathroom to pee.
Ha, and change into my bathing suit.
I went to the beach with my 'rents, brother, cousin, and uncle.
Cousin, ey?
She is a new yorker.
In a "teasing" kind of way.
But hurtful.
She bit me.
But it really hurts.
I love her anyway.
No matter, what kind of butthead, she really is.
We made a hysterical video.
I videotaped.
And she was the star.
It was hilarious.
Wish I could show it to you guys but I cannot.
It was aboiut her hatred of green tea.
(She was joking.)
(She and I love green tea.)
( We're addicted.)
All of that good stuff.
Back to the beach.
It was quite intresting, actually.
She found six dollars!
In the ocean!
Are you cereal?
For real she did.
Then we went to Ihop.
Loved it!
I had chocalate chip pancakes.
Not really.
And they were horrible.
I usually " come hungry, leave happy."
But not today.
After that.
We set up my new Wii.
Did I tell you guys I got one of those?
For Christmas?
I love it!
Billy, was right.
It is the best.
Played Wii sports.
My favorite is boxing.
Man, did I open up a can of WHOOP-ASS.
Guess what we did afterwards?
Pool time.
No bikini's for me.
I look like a freakshow in one of those.
One piece.
Or a tankini.
Played Marco Polo.
I suck at it.
I am always the one saying Polo!
And getting caught.
Because I cannot stop laughing.
It was exhausting.
So tiring.
Sleppy head.
Took a shower.
Because my head smelled like chlorine.
I hate the smell.
But I am always, smelling like that.
Got ready for the new years eve "partyyy"!
And it was kind of boring.
My cousin fell asleep.
And almost everybody left.
Come home, kind of tired.
Daddy promised to wii box with me.
And it was a blast.
I swear.
He was the funnest and most hilarious person to bow with.
Back in the day thats what he used to do.
Now I am here communicating.
A very exciting day.
But sort of sad.
Because I am too tired too think of a poem.
Drifting off.
Bow tow row.
Job lob rob yob sob.
Leak Beak Sleak.
Tat Rat Snat.
Foohy Moohy Choohy.
Retard Fetard.
I am soo tired.
Check out "Human Sky" my last post.
And comment on that also.
I thought it was a good post.
At least, I thought so.
Is living life to the fullest.
Joke of the day;
Where did the one legged lady work?