Human Sky

As I looked out into the night sky.
It was amazing.
And I knew something...
It was so beautiful, but deadly.
It had the utterly most beautiful, breathtaking appearance about it.
Any yet at the same time, you knew it was filled with hatred.
This caught my attention.
Because it kind of reminded me of people.
How our appearance can acutally be rather stunning.
Meanwhile, we are the most vial creatures that ever walked this planet.
Are we the demons?
Do we make this Earth hell?
Are we all evil?
I wish someone could answer these questions.
But I have the feeling,
The answer is not that far away.
It's waiting for us.
To ask for it.
To reach for it.
And then, it will come.
Like a savior.
And then,
We will all go back,
To being pure And,
But until then,
How will you look at the night sky?
That we all thought we knew all too well.
But in fact;
We did not know at all.


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RollingStone007 said...

Hey, nice blog! Thanks for the comment! I think that you get what you give, I think that if you are nice enough to people than people will be nice enough back...
But if you are a total bitch, then i think that gives me the right to be a total bitch right back lol! Just Kidding:)
Lots of Love,