Nothing Could Compare

I was wrapped around its clutches.
It was holding on to me tighter and tighter.
I tried to fight.
I tried to fight.
And harder.
And faster.
And stronger.
Until, finally I gave up.
I did not try;
Or faster.
Not even,
To be stronger.
I just gave up.
After a while.
I withered.
And got fraile.
Up to the point.
Where I knew....
But suddenly.
I felt it.
And peace.
And love.
A joy, peace, and love no human being could never give me.
So immense,
So vibrant,
And beautiful,
And full of happiness,
That nothing could ever compare to it.
And for the first time,
In a very long time,
I felt whole.
And well.


Outrageous said...

when i wrote this, i was in tears. honestly. because it was true. everything about it. and i am happy it was. overjoyed

Allison said...

Your writing is just simply beautiful. you have the ability to express you emotion into it and that is really hard for writers. A lot of writing is fake and even though you can say Bang and boom you can't feel it you have to make it seem like a really emotion coming from deep inside you, you have to let it out and show when you write bang you mean BANG!

James said...

I want to know what has created this imense happyness for you.

ChipotleChick said...

That was....wow. I liked that. a lot. The emotion in it was wonderful. You meant it. You lived that moment and anyone who reads that passage could tell. Your words in that poem had their own life and i like that. So what made you so happy? It could relate to so many things.

that was....OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry. I had to do that. Hehe.

Mella said...

Wow. I love this.

It's cryptical, in a way almost like a riddle.


smorgan said...

Woah...that background was stunning..
It was quite difficult to read your post actually. I had to highlight the words.
But the post, beautiful....

someone said...


Sounds Like.