I'm not swimming.
I just quit.
I am going back to school sports.
My pride and joy.
Not really.
But at least I get to see my friends.
Saw a batman shirt and I was going to get it.....
When I saw the price tag!
It was thirty bucks!
I almost had a fit in the store.
No shirt should be worth that much.
It was insane.
Today was a slam dunk show.
They were good.
Little kids hollored.
Riley { a pre-k'er that I love} was dancing.
She was so adorable.
Was a vip and it was so not worth it.
A few questions?
That was not good.
But I stand by what I said to my class mates.
It would have been more intresting if they took they're shirts off.
I mean it would have.
Thats not being a pervert.. is it??
At least I don't think sooo...
But if it is you tell me.
My favorite one was G.T.
He was 24 and had a tat.
Of a cross.
Stay holy man!
And he had a squeaky voice.
The cleaning lady is here.
No I am not rich.
No I do not have a butler.
I'm normal.
Or as normal, as I could be.
Social studies test tommorow.
And I think I might do bad.
Maybe I need to study harder.
Who knows.
No vocab plates.
Was just informed by one of my buds.
Christmas play.
I'm going to be in it.
Sounds great?
Its not.
Personally I did not want to be in it.
I just "had" too because I am in drama class.
Good thing I'm only an extra.
A rock n' roller.
Doesn't sound bad.
I still have th poodle skirt from two years ago.
I'm having a flashback.
Where are you Daddy?
I want some pizza.
Got the rumbles.
And I am hungry.
Oh yeah on the whole "play" thing.
We have like a two hour practice on Friday?
What the hell?
Friday is my day.
Not really.
I'm just really lazy and probably don't feel like dancing.
Or yelling.
Or anything.
Leave a comment.
M and M.
Not M n' M.
M and M.
The couple of the year.
The one that "love" each other.
The one that makes me barf.
They are together.
And like all over each other.
First they are making out.
What next??
Get a pole M.
And as for you M... well you little...
Not really M and M are real.
They are all over each other.
And they do make me barf.
But I don't think that M is a hoe.
And I don't think M is an S-O-B.
I'm being a child...
Get a room.
But hey I am a child.
And I'm loving it!
I'd rather hang with my friends.
Don't know any guys that are into me anywho.
But like I said don't care.
That face means it surprised.
It was nice blogging.


smorgan said...

I have to say...I do enjoy plays.
But have a great time at your practice no matter how tiring it gets!
Rock On!

Darling Dears. said...

it would be SO MUCH MORE interesting if they DID take their shirts off, but of course, the little ones were there ;)
you didn't hear the from me!

James said...

I love being in plays! I love it! And hmm... For some reason i did not think you were rich or had a butler. Odd how that works is it not? Maybe you should study more for your test, instead of simply typing in your blog. Silly ^_^

someone said...

You have a maid?
Since when?

Same thing here for my stupid Drama class thingy with the play and the christmas and the...blobs.