Like always I procrastinated.
Is that a good thing?
But I finally did my science experiment.
It was really messy.
And wet.
And very soily.
So I did it with my pj's on.
Won't be sleeping in those for a while!
Drew graphs.
And all that.
Tommorow my Daddy said I would continue to swim.
I wanted to start school sports again.
Basket ball.
And maybe cross country.
But now the only one I can do is softball.
I love throwing that ball.
Today, unbelively my room is clean.
I am going to try to leave it this way.
I did three trials.
Tommorow I have to go back to school.
I really do not want to go.
You better be in your seats.
I love you all but you gotta be quiet.
Its alls I want.
I don't think I can bear another one of those.
I love it.
Its good with eggs.
And cheeseburgers.
And chicken tenders.
But strangely I don't like it with french fries.
My Daddy says;
Little girl, eat it the right ay.
My Daddy is rather funny.
He makes me laugh.
I just watched the last episode of ; The Pick up Artist.
Simione won.
I knew it all slong.
It was the hat.
Yeee Hah.
That was it.
The secret ingrediant.
Ohh and those two cd's I got last time.
Were Day and Age by the Killers.
And the songs from the musical West Side Story.
I liked West Side Stroy better.
Day and Age didn't rock my world.
I only really liked Human.
Balloons are still floating around.
And I realized that I was not the center of attention any longer.
No longer an only child.
My little brother took that from me.
Along with my pureness and innocence.
Now he owned it.
Well when he's older we're going to have fun.
Climbing trees.
Making sand castles.
Listening to music.
Dancing randomly.
Concepts on the opposite sex.
Pushing each other.
All that good stuff.
I watched the Family Man yesterday.
I didn't really like it.
The ending was a little rough.
But I do like Nicholas Cage.
This is Toss Across!
I used to love it when I was a kid.
That was just a line from a Christmas movie.
My science fair log book.
Is empty.
There is like nothing in it.
I remember there was a time when I said I would never stop believing in fairy tales.
And look at me now.
Not believing.
Being a total hypocrite.
I hate when you turn on your own self.
It is a really bad feeling.
Like what I'm feeling now.
Chirstmas is almost coming.
Tell me if you are of a different religion besides Roman Catholic do you celebrate it?
Just wondering.
I read in a ya book that they do.
Meli <3
And remember....
Humor is a gift from God.


Allison said...

i was just going to random peoples blog and i found yours so happy day for you! I am roman chatholic sorry cant help you there. I am so glad i don't have to do science projects anymore. I hate ketchup how can you people eat it its nasty!

Darling Dears. said...

hmmm being the only child.
well, was it at least fun for a while?

smorgan said...

So now you are Anyone.
Hello Anyone!
It's great to use fairy tales for inspiration though..but most of them are about love...

James said...

Hmm, interesting science progject. Ketchup is yummy and I love it! The cd's are good choices, at least I think they are lol. Hmm... anything else... O yea I do celebrate Christmas despite my Agnostic Theist/Buddhist ways. Hmm... anything else... o yea... I love ur blog!

The Coven said...

utterly random, but not bad at all.

I love poetry. My blog..one of them (remaining forever) is full of proof of my obsession with it. lol

Tilla (Echo, Celedae, and Lilac)