Today I realized a couple of things.
First, I am a vampire.
Not literally and intentionally.
Okay so here's what happened.
We were playing basket ball.
I get agressive by the way...
Thats what basket ball is all about.
When my friend tried to get the ball from me.
It all happened so fast.
My mouth opened and closed, rather quickly actually.
There are still bit marks on her and myself.
Her bites are one her middle finger.
And mine on the bottom side of my wrist.
This is very strange.
And very real.
Only this could happen to me.
Second, Softball is coming soon.
Thats not worth talking about.
But I just wanted to tell you guys.
Third, midterms are next week.
They came by so quickly.
Everything is coming on so heavily.
I feel like a walnut.
And I have to study and like.
Its so annoying.
Fourth, the play is also next week.
I hate that.
I mean I will have fun.
I promise.
Its just that everythin is a blur.
Fifth, is relationships.
Boys and girls.
Birds and the Bees.
All that.
Its sorta grossing me out.
I need to phrase it better.
What I mean to say is that.
Everywhere I turn I see people are "together."
It just makes me feel awkward.
Who knows?
Maybe i'm just secretly jealous.
But I don't know.
Fifth, I have a doll who is now going with me everywhere.
You should know one thing.
This doll is not just any doll.
It's special.
It made me meet people.
People who I love.
The doll is in a male form.
I named it Billy.
After my Daddykinz.
I have had this doll for quite some time.
It's one of those special ones that you may never out grow.
Sixth, I should be happy.
I mean seriously.
I love to laugh.
All the time.
It makes me feel good.
I'm surronded by people who love me.
And if they don't who gives a damn.
Thats my motto.
"Who gives a damn."
Just kidding.
I have told you many things.
About my day.
Over all it was a very good day.
:) That was a smiley face.
I am happy.
I would like to thank;
my friends
my parents
and possibly Jeffery A. who showed me that "enemies" aren't really enemies.
Wink wink.
Good night.
Sleep tight.
And study.


smorgan said...

Good luck in your midterms!

Darling Dears. said...

hahahaha, i love the post today :)