You Left Something

Everytime you leave,
It seems like you take a part of me with you.
I watch you go,
sorrowfully, hoping one day you will stay.
When you're gone,
I feel broken.
I wish you would stay here with me.
Hug me.
Kiss me.
Teach me.
Love me.
When will be the day,
You come home?
And stay forever.
I miss you.
Can't you hear?!
Until you come home,
You should know,
You left behind,
Someone who you said you loved.
Think about it.


ChipotleChick said...

Who left? it sounds like it was a possible lover, or family member. That was great. I like how versatile yet fluent your writing is. It can apply to so many people and mean something to everyone. That's the beauty of your writing. It's relatable, understandable, and just amazing.

Go you!

James said...

I love your writing? But who left, so we can offer our words of advice and kindness and help you the best we can. I love your writing it is so... u and unqiue and fluent and amazing.