Naive, Faithful Little Girl

You are scared for me.
Because you know I am naive.
You think people will get away,
from the pain they may cause me.
You worry,
Because of me.
About me.
For me.
You should know,
I am naive.
And I am scared,
No terrified.
I feel,
Like I cannot trust anyone.
No one.
Not even the people I thought I loved.
Sometimes I am hopeful,
hoping that I will have faith in someone.
Who will not betray me,
Or cause me any sort of pain.
There are times,
When I look at you,
And you look at me.
And I wonder......
If you have faith in me?
You ever?
In the next life?
For now,
I will be the one little girl.
Who is naive.
I promise you this,
I was,
And will always be the "little girl",
Who had faith in you.
Now, it's your turn,
To look at me,
And answer the question.


Im in a infatuated state of mind said...

I thought that was really good ^_^ and thanks for visiting my blog