Fun Fun Fun

Today there is going to be a whole lot of fun.
With big balls.
Don't get the wrong idea.
Those balls were made for rolling down a lane.
A slippery lane.
I am going to have soo much fun.
I even think I might finish reading my book.
Well Smorgan confessed that he/she loves the All American Rejects.
So do I.
Growing up is a major pain.
All those hairs you have to shave.
Gaining weight.
Lovers who may break your heart.
Does this fit or not?
Does he/she like me?
I have this sweat shirt that I love.
Its my Daddy's old college sweat shirt.
Its sort of big but very comforatble.
I was thinking of names to call myself and I made up a good one.
Although I am not going to share it with you because it is very embarassing.
But funny.
Any crushes?
No none.
A boy comes to mind that I think likes me.
Do I like him?
When I see his face it makes me laugh.
Not because he is ugly...
But because he just is a freak.
But he makes me laugh.
Not really.
I make him laugh.
I used to like him.
But not anymore.
No sir.
For real.
Stephanie is gone and I really miss her.
I wonder what she's up to.
Eating a hot dog?
Broad way?
Watching a movie?
Taking a taxi?
In the empire state building??
Who knows.
I wish I did.
What comes to mind is You truely know how much you love someone when they are no longer with you.
That is what I am thinking.
I hope she is having fun.
Not being a wet blanket.
She isn't like that.
Is she?
At least not with me.
Well I have to go buy some turkey for Thanksgiving.
And some other stuff.
So goodbye.
Loads of love for those who follow and comment.


Darling Dears. said...

thats interesting.


smorgan said...

I am a girl. 16. And I think that James Mcavoy is drop dead gorgeous...hehe