Darling Dears thinks she knows who I am.
I know who she is.
I know who Finn is.
I know everything.
Well, not everything but most of it.
My book was starting to get good when...
A freaking vampire came in.
I was like what???
Another vampire love story???
Please no.
Well only one good thing came out of it.
The vampire did not really love the girl.
He pretended to love the girl.
Vincent you bastard!
How could you just suck my blood and leave me here, and not love me?
Well I will tell you why.
He is a vampire.
That is an original vampire.
The way I will always remember a vampire.
Being in a coffin.
No light.
Suck your blood and kill you.
I am not like a vampire obssesed Twilighter.
I am so tired of hearing all this Bella and Edward crap.
Edward won't you be my lover???
Oh my lordie.
I just do not like that book because of people's obssesion.
Does anyone like Leanordo Dicrapio?
I do.
I am not obssesed but man...
He is so pulchritodonous...
I love him.
It makes me smile.
Laugh, laugh.
What else to talk about???
Sexy Back.
When I first heard that song I literally thought someone had a sexy back.
Your voice is a combination of Fergie and Jesus!
I heard that on t.v and I started cracking up.
Ha ha.
Thanks for being a fan.


Darling Dears. said...

hah, bring sexy back.

thats cool :)

smorgan said...

I don't like twilight. At first I thought it was fun and all because my friend read it, and she narrated the story to me and a lot of other people. Well, she's good at telling stories no matter how lame the stories are...

smorgan said...

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I'll just open up your blog, eventhough you have no updates that time, just to listen to The All American Rejects. I do have the song in my PC..but this way is more interesting! I love this song!