I like who I am.
I honestly do.
I like what I look like, my sense of humor; everything.
It’s just that sometimes it seems that the male gender has an easier time.
They won’t get pregnant.
They won’t be disappointed easily.
They won’t feel guilty if they’re “players.”
They don’t cry because they feel like it.
I am not saying I don’t like being a female.
I am only saying that sometimes it seems easier for guys.
I don’t know.
I wonder?


Stella said...

Heck yeah it's easier for guys. Us girls have to endure cramps, being pregnant, giving birth and all that jazz. What do guys have to do? Nothing that involves as much pain as girls end up going thru.

ANYWAY, I like how you wrote this! :) All your poetry is so good! And btw I love that song, human by the killers!

smorgan said...

I've always wished to be a guy. Actually I use to. Now, I'm just trying to live my life better as myself, a girl, yet acknowledging that being a guy is kinda fun...

smorgan said...

That is why you have to try your very best to make the grass on your side even greener.