Darling Dears Thanks

Does anyone really want to know me more?
I am going to do a survey.
Darling Dears and Ana gave me the idea.
So yeah.
Sorry if you do not like it if I copied you.
1. Are you straight? I question my sexuality. Although I am 99% positive I am straight.
2. What bothers you the most? When people act dumb. No wait when people pretend to be something they are not.
3. Do you have any siblings? Yes. But he's a half brother.
4. Your favorite show? That 70's Show
5. Is there anything you do not like about your body? Hmmm. Nope only my legs right after shaving. They are all scaly and ugly.
6. Do you cry a lot? Yes especially after seeing a sad movie or after seeing something that is emotional that I can relate too.
7. Do you have a crush? No not at the moment. But I was watching the '90's hottest celebrities and Marky Mark aka Mark Wahlberg was so muscular and hot.
8. Do you laugh at stupid things? Yes.
9. What is your favorite word that you know? Loliggaging
10. Your favorite color? Well. It is more like a shade but black. I am not goth. It is just that I like how it blends in with other colors.
11. Do you know anyone you dislike greatly? Yes.
12. What is thier name? Lets call the group "plastics"
13. When was the last time anyone hit on you? In sixth grade. I was surprised by my courage to respond but I did. But too bad the dude is taken.
14. Who do you love? My mommy.
15. Would you die for this person, willingly? Definetly.
16. If someone harmed that person what would you do? It depends. But I would get them back REAL good. And I am not kidding. I would.
17. What makes you happy? My family and friends.
18. Has anyone ever hurt you physically? No. I am thankful for that.
19. Any books you have read recently? Look for me by Moonlight. It was a love story. But I was really dissapointed when there was a vampire in it. At least in being in love with the girl he tried to kill her. But wait isn't that a bad thing? Yeah. But at least it is not like TWILIGHT!
20. What do you think people see in you the first time they see you? Sacagawea.
21. Do racist people disgust you? Hell yeah.
22. Do you know any? Yeah. But I hate them any way.
23. If you broke out in song what would you sing? I'm a goofy goober now. Just kidding.... I would sing I feel pretty. It was in the musical WEST SIDE STORY.
24. Your favorite actress? Catherine Zeta Jones
Well I am tired of typing sooo...
I am going to stop.
Love you all people.
Infinte x's and o's.
Effin is a word.
Maybe I made it maybe I did not?
The world will never know.
Me and Myslef.


Darling Dears. said...

thats cool. always welcome :)

Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...

Haha...the world will also never know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop