Black Friday

Woke up today feeling like crap by my "sister."
Around sevenish.
And that was early considering we did not have any school.
We went shopping and it was Black Friday.
Hey we had to live it up to its name.
First we went up to Styles.
Then Target.
And it was mobbbed.
I bought two cds.
Something I have never done in my life.
Buying a cd.
I want to go to the library and get some new books.
But my 'rents are not in the mood for driving me there.
And neither am I.
Although I would like to read a really good book.
Any recommandations??
Uhhh...all my books are just I don't know.
About retarded teenagers.
No teenagers are not usually retarded.
And survey says that, that is not the most difficult age for people.
Middle school is!
I never knew that.
Middle school girls getting pregnant?
What the hell has happened to thid world?
Ohh and I made a new word.
If you do not want to say the "f-word" all you do is say is effin.
For example:
Take your effin hands away from me.
Its sorta stupid but hey if you are one of those people who is holy and does not like to swear.
Then I approve for your use of..!
Well my Daddy called me.
And he is going to buy me a book instead.
I love books.
See how little things like that make me happy?
Yes they do!
Thanksgiving was fulling.
I had some pecan and pumpkin pie.
They were soooo good.
I am so glad.
Everything was delicious.
Well goobye.
Oh one more thing I am watching Bring it On.
Bye for real this time.
Andrew's birthday is tommorow.
There will be two.
You can play with it.
Wait can't you play with all cake?
Thats waht I said.
But who knows.


Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...

are you sure you made up effin?