My Butter

Well today is my brother's birthday.
Its a Sesame Street themed party.
Oh yeah.
Picked it out myself.
Got him two gifts.
And play doe.
Both of which I am highly fond of.
The bubbles are scented.
And the play doe in different colors.
Its practically my birthday party too.
What will we fill the pinata with?
Well my brother looks so cute.
I am going to start calling him my butter.
Because he is chubby and fat.
My butter.
My Daddy is off to get "the-cake-you-can-play-with."
Once again I ask you my fellow bloggers; Can't you play with all cakes?
It was my Mommy's idea.
Family will be here.
Wondered if I should have invited friends.
But honeslty...
I would not like them to come to my baby brother's birthday party.
No offense if you are out their.
Wink wink.
I am still debating the items to put in the pinatas.
Any ideas?
The party is on its way.
I wish my cousin were here.
But sadly she is not.
She is in another city.
South of me.
Probably has a cold.
I am sorry if you are sick, nenna.
Nenna is my nick name for her.
She is my best friend.
My real lover.
The one who I would also die for.
We practically tell each other everything.
Nenna what do you fear the most?
Fear itslef.
Teddy Rosevelt said that.
I know.
I love that line.
So do I.
You know that line right?
We have nothing to fear but fear itslef.
I love it.
I watched White Chicks yesterday.
I love that movie.
It makes me laugh.
Heres a line from it;
A white girl with an ass of a black girl.
The movie itself is pretty stupid.
But it is one of those stupid movies thats sooo stupid that makes you laugh so hard it makes your belly ache.
Either that or you have to pee really bad.
Waiting for the truck to come by.
The thundering engine.
Thats how you know Christine is near.
By the engine roaring.
Wish my butter a happy birthday.
Leave a comment.
You know how much I love those.
Do I make you laugh?
I hope so.
Even if not I hope I entertain you.
All my love...
from a not so white chick but not black...
but more a tannish color.
Good afternoon.
You know who I am.


Darling Dears. said...

my butter?
thats an interesting nickname. hah. enjoy the party :)

James said...

I know you commented on my blog a while, back and I wanted to thank you and wish to say that we share a lot in common. At least I think we do. Being able to only communicate through our writing the helplessness of ourselves and the hearbreaks within us and we must continue the fight of life. Also, I wanna go to your birthday party it sounds really fun! ;)

Darling Dears. said...

i wanted to just say this:
you spelled Myself wrong.
you put Myslef.
just so you know :)

smorgan said...

My Butter...cute.
'sigh' This post of yours made me miss my brother when he was still very young and innocent..
Now he's an obnoxious and irritating eleven year old, yet still fun to play with...hehe
Happy Birthday anyways...

someone said...

Cake you can play with. How did that work out? Stupid James. Fighting through life. Your not fighting through life. WTF.

See Ya.

{{I didn't really mean the stupid thing James. I was just saying}}