A Cause and Effect Moment

Yesterday was the school social.
I guess you can say it was fun.
I danced with my friends.
They danced with me.
Some of my buds slow danced with their " boy... friends."
I did not dance with any boy.
I'm okay with that.
But, I have to admit when the slow dance songs came on I couldn't help but feel a little empty.
When I came home my feet hurt so much.
I missed so much, because I went to the dance.
His first steps.
His shock when he took them.
The ice cream eating with my parents.
I love ice cream.
Everything becasue I just HAD to go this social.
I missed everything because of the social.
When I could have been home having a whole other party with the people who truely love me.
I could have been home with non-hurting feet.
But I was at the social.
Because, because, because.
I guess you can call it cause and effect.


Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...

you gotta hate it when things like that happen...

Darling Dears. said...

a cause and effect moment, that sounds familiar ;)