This Call

I am growing up faster and faster.
I'm yelling at you to come closer.
You can't hear me.
I'm yelling at you louder and stronger with tears in my eyes.
But, you still can't hear me.
You cannot hear that call for help I have been sending to you my whole life.
I'm tired of those excuses.
I'm growing weak.
The only thing that can make me stronger is you to be closer to me.
I'm not going to shout.
I'm not going to scream.
I will be waiting for you to answer my call.
All it takes is for you to come closer.
Please, I'm begging you to hear this call of need.


MELI said...

Hey that was a really good post. I love it.

Someone said...

Just tell her.

If not.

All I can say is,
people never realize these things. Until it's to late. When she's old she'll look back on life and hopefully regret what she did.

we can't change the past.
Only the future.

I'm sorry.