When I read Jaerixon's something post I was sort of angry.
Like a what the hell kind of angry.
But then I realized.
That he was partially right.
I do care about my education.
I did not mean I do not worry about grades and all that because I do.
But that is what she always talks to me about.
Always saying it is soooo important.
So this and that.
And I understand.
But imagine her always telling you about education.
Not about love.
Or boys.
Or any of that.
How the hell would you feel?
When she's not around to giude you?
You F ing tell me how you feel.
Because dammit I am angry.
I dream.
Of things that may never come true.
Because I do.
And if people tell me to grow up.
I will not.
First of all you are probably not grown up.
And you don't do what I at least try to do.
Step in other people's shoes.
Okay I am going to go cool off.
Comment please.