Donkeys with no Brains

We laughed.
We sang.
We enjoyed.
We hysterically laughed.
We chuckled.
Our eyes widended.
It was a long day.
At first we were all bored.
Then we actually had the "day."
It was fun.
We learned.
Saw an armadillo for the first time in my life!
Then we went back and saw The Hoe Depot.
They were holidng hands.
Was I jealous?
But I know what I was missing.
I could not help but feeling a little lonley.
Enough of that.
The most fun we had was coming back.
Giggiling and everything.
Ha ha ha.
I can do it all over again.
The Cool Crew called me a freak.
Screw them.
They are asses.
With no brains.
Just imagine it a donkey with no brain.
Thats them.
Asses with no brain.
Hee heee hoo hoo.
Why aren't you friends with them?
Thats not a good enough reason.
Well if you must know I do not like them because they are mean.
No way.
Yes way.
They are funny.
I guess so.
But maybe if they could act less assy.
Whatever you say.
You like this post.


smorgan said...

You sound sad. A longing for acceptance sort of sadness or maybe I interpreted wrongly. But hey, if people called you a freak, continue being one. A HAPPY one. Then they would just leave you alone... I'm a freak too. I don't do normal stuffs. But I'm proud of being a freak. And because of that, people around me would just say,"She's just being herself."
So smile and be HAPPY!
Rock On!

Stella said...

Continue your happiness even if they think you're a freak! Who cares what donkeys with no brains think anyway?! :)

Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...

"They are asses.
With no brains." Hahaha...

And you also put the "Hoe" Depot instead of the Home Depot...