And I wonder

We used to play.
We used to laugh.
We used to smile.
What happened to us?
We used to run.
We used to sprint.
We used to skip.
What happened to us?
We used to dance.
We used to wobble.
We used to cry.
What happened to us?
Where did those old times go?
They were pushed away by new ones.
But new times make us weaker.
I'm trying to fill the cracks.
It may look smooth.
But honey, it most certainly is not.
Really, I wonder, what did happen to us?


aNNa nHi said...

you know how it sucks when you lose someone you love?

yeah. this is worse. because they're there. but not really. or not like they used to be.

you should get a dollar for every time i leave a comment saying how inspiring your work is. ;)

Rafé said...

...new times make us weaker because this is true:
new times become old times

deeper than appearance
very good
even though I'm not sure if we agree

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Anonymous said...

Listen, you are a BITCH! leave Claire alone. Now THAT is random! :P

James said...

When we have lost someone, it feels as though the end has come. But if u make yourself feel as though u do not have a loss, u will feel better. Does that make sense.