You will never be a man.

There's nothing left.
You left her empty.
You took it all.
But these words won't stop you.
You won't even flinch.
They'll hit you but bounce right off.
And you know why these words won't hurt you?
Because when you hurt that girl,
you felt something, something you had never felt before.
For the first time in your life,
you felt like a man.


aNNa nHi said...

aha! my ex should read this. then he may be one of those people who stop their acts of evil.

Rafé said...

very good perspective

and thanks

it seems like we don't know each other, but your blog seems familiar

Rafé said...

oh...haha, what am I saying???!!!
I do know you

The girl with no smell :) said...

I love this.

Anonymous said...

love it...