I don't know what it's like.
But, I can imagine.

You stand there, you're so scared you cannot talk.
Should you say a prayer?
What are you supposed to do?
Tears are rolling down your face.

You think, maybe I should have gone to church with my mom.
Something holy.

Try not to be afraid.
Be strong.
Don't cry.

But, honestly tell me.

I want to kill you.
I want to call you so many names....

You bastard,
Does it make you feel like a man,
When you kill innocent people?


Child Hood said...

It reminds me of CSI.

James said...

yes, yes it does. Very meaningful.

White Forest said...

oooooh, i like it.. :)

Rafé said...

ooh...white forest probably felt the same.

It was good, filled with confusion and harshnesses