I knew something bad she had done.
I'm not sure I wanted to tell but I did not know what to do.
I was scared and angry.
She had "commited a crime."
Like she always accused us of doing.
What a hypocrite.
She has always been that way.
Ever since I knew her.
When I first came to the school peole warned me about her.
And now I knew.
I knew who and what she was.
I felt bad for her.
She was wierd.
If I was trying to be nice.
I wondered what it was like to be her.
Did she feel like shit everyday she woke up?
Did she know that no one liked her?
Did she realize how "different" she was?
I wonder.
I have to admit it, if I were her.
I don't know what I would have done.
That is probably something she thinks about a lot.
A lot.
Its scary.
I'm scared for her.
Is there any word to describe her?


Stella said...

This poem is a harsh reminder of one of my friends. Very well written, good job.

smorgan said...

I like your poem. Quite dark.
Hey you have t2o blogs, but I chose to follow this one cos; I'm interested in reading other people's writing. Well, I love writing too. Thanks for reading my blog...I never knew people actually would...

Darling Dears. said...

suicide is scary. i hope this girl has at least a friend to turn to.

Elle said...

That was very well told :). I agree with Darling Dears, I hope she has a friend to turn to. Thanks for following my blog :)