Barbie Meets Ken

I have never been kissed on the lips before.
I am not ready for that yet.
When I am older.
Maybe even drunk.
But I don't wannna be drunk when I have my first kiss.
I want to be surprised.
I want to be impressed.
I want to be in love.
Its almost the same way, when I do "it."
I don't want to do it with just anybody.
I want it to be extra-ordinary.
I want everything to be special.
But nothing ends up that way.
Everything so far has just happened with a poof!
Like all of a sudden, I have an ability to make other people laugh.
Or suprisingly I make friends with everyone I say "hi" to.
All of a sudden my "friends" exclude me from a lot.
But I don't want it to just happen.
I want it to be a Barbie meets Ken moment.


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smorgan said...

'Sigh' Every girls' dream...