Run, Run, Run

You want to know what I was thinking?
I was thinking, that you had the most beautiful legs I had ever seen.
Isn't that strange?
My thought.
When you ran, your muscles shined.
And your legs became more beautiful.
Every time I saw you run that's what I thought.
And even when I can't see you,
I'll always imagine you,


aNNa nHi said...


maybe i should run.

Rafé said...


now that was good

I am I runner
and I do like legs

n a t a l i e said...

Beautiful legs are always a good thing :) I've actually started running again [FINALLY!] so hopefully I'll be able to get in shape and have lovely legs too ;D

C L A i R E...♥ said...

YOu make me vomit. You are so mean.

Child Hood said...

:) Thanks for following.

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for stopping by

cool blog:)