A Way of Life

All around me I hear people talking to me.
They are talking nonsense.
They are talking reality.
Damn I do hate reality.
It's like that huge zit on your face that everyone notices when they talk to you.
Laughing, they say is good for the heart.
I love to laugh.
But beware when I laugh.
It is really odd.
My mouth goes into an O-shape.
And bamm it like a hyena.
But laughing is like my way of living.
The way I am classified.
People say hey you're that dudet it with a wierd laugh.
Yep thats me.
But I'm okay with that.
I love to laugh.
I wish I could have someone who makes me laugh all day long.
I wish I could be with someone who always puts a grin on my face.
I wish.
I wish.
I just keep on wishing.
All I practicually do is wish and laugh and cry and be depressed.
And all that crap.
But enough of me.
Tell me do you enjoy laughing.
Like me?
Or do you think laughing is a waste?
Remember to some people laughing is a way of life.
Or in some cases it is thier life.


Someone said...

Who in their right mind would think laughing is a waste?

For everything.

Please don't be depressed.